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Protein. Are you getting enough?

As we devoured a delicious meal of marinaded spit-roasted chicken with friends, the conversation soon turned to the hot-button topic of protein.

Spurred on by the promise that the protein-rich eating of a Paleo diet delivers better health and cures all manner of ailments, Jeff (not his real name) declared he was now an official caveman!

No, he doesn’t go out armed with a club, gun or bow and arrow to pursue his prey. He doesn’t even fish.

The closest Jeff gets to hunting is choosing his prime cuts from the butcher and searching for exotic not-so-primitive ingredients from around the world.

Jeff used this as an ‘official’ excuse to indulge in his preference for meats.

Is he on the right track? Could he have been short-changing his body?

How about you? Just how much protein do you need?

I've done the sums and you'll find an answer here. Click to read more and share. Be patient while it opens.To work out how much protein you eat and drink and check you're getting enough, get a copy of my latest mini-poster about Protein for less than the cost of a cuppa. You'll find it here.