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this=that - adult's version (hard cover)

Run a clinic, weight loss-healthy eating group or fitness club? The more you order, the more you save.

If you want a no-fuss approach to eating well for a better body and health, then you've found it. I promise you won't be disappointed. This is the best photographic visual portion guide you will ever find.

More than 400 life-size food and drink photos show serve sizes as "energy equals".

Just by looking at pictures you will quickly see how different foods compare for the same energy (kJ and calorie) value. You'll also find out how many serves to eat each day to reach your goals. You won't have to count calories ever again.

Want a quick no-fuss approach to great nutrition and weight control by enjoying everyday foods?

Want to stop counting calories? Want to get off the diet treadmill? Get this book!

With the help of real life-size food photos, you'll see which foods to have more or less of for better health and body shape with this award winning book.

Inside, you'll find an easy-to-use format of life-size images divided into different food sections. This book is big. It's about 225 mm x 310 mm in size and the weight is close to 1.7 kg.

  • This version is a bumper 261 pages long.
  • Inside more than 400 life-size food and drink photos are included. The original version had just over 300 images.
  • Almost 500 foods and drinks in total are featured in seven main sections.
  • A new section about flavours and drinks has been added.
  • A weekly totals guide has been created to give you even more flexibility.
  • At the back is a food composition table with protein, fat, carbohydrate, alcohol and energy values for all foods and drinks featured. You don't need to use these tables to use the book. The whole idea of this book is that you can and will throw away any need to calorie count by simply by checking your serves against the life-size photos.
  • Additional images and information about health protective vegetables (vitamin A rich, brassica and folate rich) in line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines from the National Health &Medical Research Council.
  • We photographed real foods without any packaging or branding. The images in this book are timeless.

To open 'more images' and view some extra pages from the original version of this=that, you may need to 'allow blocked' when prompted by your computer. Your Internet browser settings may think these images are advertisements when they are not - the extra images will help you decide the value of the book.

The Gastric Sleeve Guide

Cover of The Gastric Sleeve Guide
2017 edition is here! Automatic discounts for 3 or more copies. Great for clinics and support groups.

The full official title is a handful ... The Gastric Sleeve Guide. Food, nutrition and lifestyle solutions before and after your sleeve gastrectomy.

Rather than being a Gastric Sleeve Diet Book, this book plans to shift you away from the dieting treadmill towards a lifestyle that mixes great food with a great attitude to life, to living life to the full.

The Gastric Sleeve Guide: food, nutrition and lifestyle solutions before and after your sleeve gastrectomy is written by Trudy Williams in consultation with dietitians, surgeons and the real life experiences of people with a sleeve from Australia and elsewhere in the world.

This guide is crammed full of a stack of information that is very specific to the gastric sleeve.

This book recognises that the gastric sleeve is very, very different to other surgeries for obesity care. It is different to other books in the market place that combine the various obesity surgeries together and provide diet guides only.

Trudy knows how important it is for you to get clear information about the surgery you are having done -- sleeve surgery -- rather than unnecessary, mixed-up information about different surgeries.

To take a peek inside The Gastric Sleeve Guide, click here for some sample page screen-shots.

You have the same access to a guide that dietitians and surgeons use across the world.

The guide is listed in the global database of PEN Nutrition, which is for professional dietitians. It has also passed the Dietitians Association of Australia's Dietetic Information and Nutrition Education Resources (DINER) evaluation process, certifying is as a quality source of current, evidence-based information. Valid April 2017 - 2020. DINER is a professional dietitian's and DAA member's resource portal.

this=that child size

Run a childcare centre, school or clinic? Buy more to save.

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A perfect present for mums, dads, grandparents and teachers.

this=that child size: a life-size photo guide to kids' food serves is for ages 4 through to 13 years. It contains more than 342 life-size food and drink photos.

All foods and drinks have been portion measured and photographed to suit children's needs.

Because the serves are the right size for children, they are quite different to photos shown in the adult's version. This is not a scaled down version of the adult photos!

If you have children aged between 4 and 13 years, or you think the Grandma or Grandad need an update on nutrition and what to feed your kids for the best of health, then get a copy of this book.

This is for adults to use with kids.

Perfect gift for your child's new teacher.

For more information about kids nutrition, visit KidsFoodTalk.

For bulk orders (parents gather up your friends), please contact us for a quote.

Protein Poster Chart

Perfectly priced to buy in bulk for clinics, fitness clubs and health centres

Use this A3 double-sided poster chart to work out how many grams of protein you eat.

Not sure how much protein you need?

Read the Protein story . Ask your Dietitian for advice if you have had any surgery, are unwell, or have another health concern.

This poster chart is an approximate guide based on Australia food and drink composition data. You will find the protein content of popular common foods and drinks.

The images and tables are based on other books by Trudy Williams.

It comes folded in half to A4 size.

It is a promotional poster now in its 4th print run.

The Pocket Gastric Band Guide + Protein Poster


This deal includes a compact 86-page guide that addresses the most common questions asked by 'bandsters' (those people with an adjustable gastric band or lap band) PLUS a poster. To find our more about The Protein Poster look at the item above.

You will discover a special selection of advice and information shared between thousands of 'bandsters' and dietitians at Wesley Nutrition Centre.

It is a very handy and informative weight loss surgery guide when combined with the bonus Protein Poster.

It's also great value. Where else can you get two professionally written and printed guides for less than $10?

Tips and quotes from fellow 'bandsters' are merged with practical smart advice. You will gain insight and find solutions to everyday issues such as:

  • what to do when foods get stuck
  • impulse eating
  • knowing when to have an adjustment
  • what to do when weight loss stalls
  • belching, burping and tummy rumbles
  • guarding against sabotage
  • breakfast solutions
  • smart choices when eating out

The Pocket Gastric Band Guide:

  • is a go-to book when you need to understand your band a little better
  • helps you get back on track when things are not going too well
  • helps explain some of the reactions and feelings you may have with the band
  • can be confronting but reality is sometimes tough
  • shows that you are not alone in tackling some of the thoughts and problems surrounding gastric banding.

Feedback and comments from both our experienced and novice 'bandster' clients has been positive. Read Australian obesity surgery, gastric banding and lapbanding forums and ask others what they think.