Breakfast with the stars

cover my breakfast book

Combine a talented dietitian with a celebrity cook and what do you get? Easy, tasty healthy food ideas and recipes from a team called Sprout. Sprout partnered with the Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers' Forum to produce a great breakfast guide, free for you.

Even if you or the children are not big 'bowl of cereal' fans, this guide is worth reading for the lowdown on breakfast facts. Ideas that don't involve bowls of breakfast cereal include smoothies to go, toad in the hole (I call these one-eyes) and dessert for breakfast.

As a bonus, it is in black and white for young ones to colour in and personalise on rainy days, during the holidays and when traveling.

No matter what time you start eating after you wake up, make your first foods worthwhile for both your body's sake and the pleasure of your tastebuds. View and print off 'My Brekkie Book' to see what the children's reactions are. Share it with others.

With late nights, sleep overs and sleep ins, healthy routines are easily lost over holidays but nutrition is always important. For youngsters, routine in both meal and sleep times helps keep them in an even mood (and you less snappy) and well nourished. For grown-ups, the first food of the day has got to be good enough to meet the demands of the hours ahead.