The Thrifty Cook. Recipes on a tight budget.

cover the thrifty cook recipe booklet

Food Bank teamed up with the Dietitians Association of Australia to create The Thrifty Cook, a free pdf recipe booklet which contains recipes that were costed out to less than $5 per serve.

If you want to incorporate more legumes, lentils and vegetables, explore this recipe booklet because these thrifty ingredients feature strongly.

The authors have cheated on costing the recipes out. They assume the thrifty cook already has basic ingredients in the pantry including oils and spices. They only account for fractions of ingredients purchased. I costed out the Sweet potato and chickpea burger. To buy all ingredients, it is $29.23 (online supermarket price March 2016) versus the stated cost $15.05 (online supermarket price August 2015). Grocery prices had not jumped that much in eight months.

If a person’s budget is super tight, which would be the case for FoodBank clients, a $20 note can not be stretched to $30.

Click here for the free pdf The Thrifty Cook.