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How to make coloured eggs for Easter

Coloured goggy eggs are a fun way to brighten up breakfast and lunch during Easter celebrations.

Create a coloured egg masterpiece with real chicken's eggs that have been boiled but not peeled.

To ½ cup of very hot water, add 1 teaspoon vinegar and 20 drops of food colouring. Dip in your hard-boiled egg. The shell will take on the colour of the vinegar water.

You can get more creative by wrapping elastic bands around the shell before dipping to get rings. Some people stick circles and stars on the eggshell before dipping and then peel them off to reveal a shape. I find it easier to stick the coloured stars on after the colouring has dried. Other people wax patterns on the eggshell before dipping, but then you have to scrape off the wax! Too much effort and mess if the kids are involved.

Set up lots of different coloured vinegar bowls so you create a rainbow of eggs.

If the shell is a little cracked, the colour will seep in to colour the egg itself so be very sure to use edible food colourings only.

Pop a coloured boiled egg into the kids' and partner's lunch box for a cute surprise.