The Gastric Sleeve Guide

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You've done enough weight loss diets in the past.

Now is the time to work your body and brain with your sleeve.

With this book, you will shift away from the dieting treadmill towards a life that mixes great food with a great attitude to life, to living life to the full.

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the gastric sleeve guide: food, nutrition and lifestyle solutions before and after your sleeve gastrectomy

Whew. The official title is a handful. That's why I shorten it to the Gastric Sleeve Guide! It is crammed full of information all about the gastric sleeve.

I wrote this book in consultation with surgeons, dietitians and psychologists. I also tapped into the real life experiences of people with a sleeve from Australia and elsewhere in the world to make this book a useful and no-nonsense guide to life with a sleeve.

You will discover the gastric sleeve is unique. It is very different to other weight loss surgeries.

You will learn how to get the best results with the sleeve.

The Gastric Sleeve Guide is totally about the gastric sleeve. There is no confusion with other types of surgeries.

Other books in the market place combine many obesity surgeries together or provide diet guides only. That can get confusing for readers with unnecessary, mixed-up information about different surgeries.

You will get solutions to 'stuff' you may not have dreamed of or encountered yet:

  • recommended blood tests
  • occupational and sporting hazards
  • how to stay hydrated
  • top tolerated volume
  • prevent weight regain
  • protein guide
  • expected results
  • and much, much more

You will get worksheets to:

  • track blood tests (biochem and labs)
  • check-in with motivation
  • plan active time
  • manage downtime
  • track monthly progress
  • chart your results beyond the scales

look after your sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve Guide

Formal details: Trudy Williams, author. Published 2017. Soft Cover. In stock.

The Gastric Sleeve Guide is listed in the global database of PEN Nutrition, which is for professional dietitians. It has also passed the Dietitians Association of Australia's Dietetic Information and Nutrition Education Resources (DAA DINER) evaluation process, certifying is as a quality source of current, evidence-based information. Valid April 2017 - 2020. DINER is a professional dietitian's and DAA member's resource portal.