Diet & nutrition videos

These quick video clips bring diet and nutrition advice to life. We make the videos. So, although they are not be super-slick in appearance, they do deliver fast reliable dietary information.

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  • "Lose up to 10kg (22 lb) in a year" with one simple straight-forward dietary change.
  • "Lollies, sugar and fruit" exposes some interesting facts about lollies, sugar and fruit.
  • "Kid's food, nutrition and diet" takes you on a tour inside Trudy's latest book for parents to use with kids.
  • Healthy lunch box - how to pack a litter-free lunchbox. View the video below.

In addition, we have discovered a fantastic video called "Eat Speak" from Am I Hungry about the use of food words in everyday expressions.....a glutton for punishment, bite off more than you can chew.....there are loads of them and we've added Am I Hungry's video montage below.