8 ways to help your children stay healthy when they move out from home

Are you becoming an empty-nester with the kids finally moving out to go to head off to uni or college?

Worried about what they’ll eat when they move out of home for the first time?

When the kids have moved out of home for the first time to go to uni or college, their finances may be pretty tight what with rent, groceries, petrol for the vehicle, as well as playing and partying.

What can you do to help them out on the food and nutrition front so they get a good feed for the first few months?

Here are 8 ways to help:

  1. Order groceries on-line and arrange a surprise grocery supply delivery to their door
  2. Stock their pantry with some essential ingredients, kitchen essentials (plastic wrap, baking paper, freezer bags) and storage containers.
  3. Sort through your bulging kitchen cupboards and off-load all the duplicate pots, pans, knives, and other utensils.
  4. Write out your most-loved recipes and give them the ingredients to make them.
  5. Pick up the weekly tab at a local fruit and vegetable shop – choose one that has great quality fresh produce
  6. Make a regular home-style dinner date with them and their friends. Get them homesick and interested to learn how to recreate your great food!
  7. Freeze leftovers in single serves and supply your child with reheating instructions for home-cooked meals. This works in your favour as well because it will take you a while for you to adapt to cooking for fewer people and if you don’t cook less, you might find yourself eating a lot more.
  8. If your near-adult children rate the microwave as their best kitchen friend, then you might want to arrange some cooking lessons.
    • Invite them over for a home-grown class if you and your kitchen can cope
    • Video yourself cooking up a storm (their favourite meal) so they can see and learn the secret touches that make your meals special
    • Aim higher to create a series of ‘cooking with me’ videos for them (or share these with the world on you-tube)
    • Book them into a online video cookery school. I’ve found this down-to-earth Australian series at StoneSoup where cooking with 5 ingredients or less is the mantra, but also creating something in under 10 minutes….very, very clever and perfect for novices. I have no affiliation with Jules who runs these classes. I simply think her approach is simple and refreshing. Classes can be taken at your own leisure and on no fixed date.
    • Buy a gift voucher to a traditional cookery school class. I find that many of these are for people who already have a little bit of skill in the kitchen and a generous budget for ingredients, so match your child’s skill level and favourite cuisine carefully. Google ‘cookery schools’ in your home town and you’re bound to come up with many choices


What suggestions have you got for anyone moving out for the first time? Email your ideas and experiences today.