see what to eat with this=that pictures for weight loss
See how much to eat with this=that pictures for weight loss

Simple diet swaps

Need to lose weight?

Hate counting cals and fats?

Short attention span?

Don’t like reading?

Prefer to pictures to words?

Then you’ll love "this=that", the best photo guide to food serves by award-winning dietitian.

"this=that" is the original and only comprehensive book of diet swaps available in Australia.

You will quickly see how much to serve with life-size photos.

Life-size photos of food with equal kilojoule or calorie value. You can really see very easily how to swap foods and drinks in your diet to get results. There are more than 400 foods and so endless ways to make easy diet swaps.

You'll be able to compare foods and drinks easily.

You’ll see what to do in a flash.

You can even choose the fast food of fries and pies if you want.

Discover more with this=that and see your way to a better body. It really is the fastest way to see how much to eat to lose weight and improve your diet.

No special potions, gimmicky plates or recipes needed. No confusing teaspoons of fat or teaspoons of sugar to add up.

This is the easiest way to portion control ever!

It is the fastest way to make simple diet swaps to choose your food, lose weight and get healthy.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the author, Trudy Williams, won an Award for Innovation with this energy-equal food swap book!