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Gift and wish list for healthier presents

It's never too soon to drop a hint about what presents you'd like to receive.

This free gift and wish list is for the person who is getting healthy, wants to keep losing weight, has newly diagnosed diabetes, has a gastric band or gastric sleeve installed, or has children who love life or who need to get healthier.

As a teacher, your pupils may want to bring thank-you gifts so create a simple home-made ideas' lists for your students to get creative. Perhaps with an origami celebration or a digital photo-card? At the same time as you look after your body and avoid chocolate, parents will appreciate your direction and dollar-wise ideas. Extend similar ideas and creative gifts to workplace 'secret santa' and client relationships.

FoodTalk has created the gift and wish list to get you thinking.

There are heaps of ideas for men, women and kids.

Click here to get your free pdf copy.

There is space for you to add your own ideas. Use it to leave hints to friends and family about what you would like for a present.

When someone says to you 'I never know what to get you for a present. What would you like?', you will be able to show them your list.

Leave the list on your fridge. Post a copy on your facebook page. Tweet it to your friends and followers. Email it to friends. It is okay to drop hints about what gifts you would like this year for all occasions including your Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Easter, and even Dinner Parties.

Enjoy celebrating without too many gifts of chocolate, wine, cakes, and food hampers!