The Pocket Gastric Band Guide + Protein Poster

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This deal includes a compact 86-page guide that addresses the most common questions asked by 'bandsters' (those people with an adjustable gastric band or lap band) PLUS a poster. To find our more about The Protein Poster look at the item above.

You will discover a special selection of advice and information shared between thousands of 'bandsters' and dietitians at Wesley Nutrition Centre.

It is a very handy and informative weight loss surgery guide when combined with the bonus Protein Poster.

It's also great value. Where else can you get two professionally written and printed guides for less than $10?

Tips and quotes from fellow 'bandsters' are merged with practical smart advice. You will gain insight and find solutions to everyday issues such as:

  • what to do when foods get stuck
  • impulse eating
  • knowing when to have an adjustment
  • what to do when weight loss stalls
  • belching, burping and tummy rumbles
  • guarding against sabotage
  • breakfast solutions
  • smart choices when eating out

The Pocket Gastric Band Guide:

  • is a go-to book when you need to understand your band a little better
  • helps you get back on track when things are not going too well
  • helps explain some of the reactions and feelings you may have with the band
  • can be confronting but reality is sometimes tough
  • shows that you are not alone in tackling some of the thoughts and problems surrounding gastric banding.

Feedback and comments from both our experienced and novice 'bandster' clients has been positive. Read Australian obesity surgery, gastric banding and lapbanding forums and ask others what they think.

Author: Trudy Williams
Title: The Pocket Gastric Band Guide
ISBN: 0 9751588 2 1
Type: soft cover
Number of pages:


Size: 105 x 150 mm (4 x 6 in)