who is behind foodtalk?

Trudy Williams is the founder and person behind foodtalk.

Some say Trudy, that's me, is foodtalk.

I am an Australian dietitian, nutrition author, and presenter.

I established foodtalk 30 years ago (1993)!

I may not be glamorous, gorgeous, loud and outspoken. I don't have celebrity status or fame.

What I do have is experience and genuine university qualifications in nutrition.

I thrive on everything to do with weight management and good health.

I help people like you get their body and mind back into shape.

Trudy Williams, Dietitan ... this is me!


I am qualified to help you and have the experience to back it up.

With more than 40 fantastic years as a dietitian up my sleeve and heaps of real-world experience, I have lost count of how many people I have successfully helped to

  • get healthier on the inside and happier on the outside
  • get off the dieting treadmill and roller-coaster, and
  • build a more flexible and better relationship with food.

 This all means I can help you as well.

I turn what I learn into easily digestible books for you. I attend conferences, read scientific journals and sift through the evidence and information to help you. Study doesn't stop.

I am the person other professionals turned to for second opinions and high quality information about weight and health ... but the time has come to retire from dietetics and pursue other interests.