A grain of truth (about rice) - microwave rice review

Did you know that on average, each Australian consumes 10 to 12 kg rice each year? That’s about 200 grams a week. Are you above or below average when it comes to eating rice?

My household doesn't eat anywhere near that amount. We fall well below that average. We don't have a rice cooker.

I prefer brown rice not only for its chewy texture and nutty flavour but also because it has a superior fibre and vitamin profile than any white rice.

But the down side is brown rice takes so much longer to cook than white rice and it’s a challenge to cook just enough.

So how do I get around that?

I go for convenience.

And this same convenience works if you enjoy rice but end up eating too much because it’s there (you cook too much) or you struggle to cook just enough for one meal.

Help is at hand.

It’s quick and brilliantly convenient. I'm talking about quick (60 second) microwave single-serve rice pouches and tubs. I have reviewed products. Some are better than others.

To find out how they shape up for your body, read the full article here (and open the single-serve 60 second microwave rice product comparison table as well (both are pdf files so you can download, print and share easily).