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Grab a bargain on this title. The covers are slightly marked or imperfect. Limited number available. No perfect copies are available.
Fabulous deal on two award-winning books.

See how much to serve with life-size photos. A quick and easy way to see what and how much to serve for the best results and health.

Worried about your child's nutrition? Actual real life-sized photos show you how much your child needs to grow a healthy body. "Every parent needs a copy of this book".

The Gastric Sleeve Guide delivers you with food, nutrition and lifestyle solutions that help you get the most from your surgery. Get better results with this book.

Discover how to get your Gastric Band working better. Whether you have a new band or one that's been in for years, this pocket guide is for you.

Work out your protein intake with this folded A3 chart. Backside lists protein content of popular foods and drinks.
One of every item. Perfect for nutrition and health clinics, medical practices and students.
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