It is important for you to match a person's genuine qualifications with what you are chasing.

For example, would you take a luxury car to a solicitor for a service? Or book a hairdressing appointment for yourself at a dog groomer?

Want someone who is qualified to talk and write about food and nutrition for humans? Well that will definitely be me.

My formal qualifications and professional affiliations:

    • Bachelor of Science (BSc)
    • Graduate Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics (Grad Dip Nut Diet)
    • Graduate Diploma of Communication (Grad Dip Comm)
    • former Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with the Dietitians Association- retired from APD program in 2022
    • Certificate of practical cookery and store-keeping

 These genuine university qualifications in nutrition are recognised by the Australian Government through Medicare and Veterans Affairs, and private health insurance agencies for dietetic claims.