Background and experience

In a nut shell?

More than 35 years of varied experience as a dietitian and nutritionist in both the public and private sectors

University qualifications in Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Communication (Public Relations)

This is a very brief CV just to give you some insight into my experience

  • Accredited Dietitian from program inception to 2022, I retired Accredited membership when I stopped consulting with individual clients.
  • Company director of Wesley Nutrition Centre (former) and now continuing online business foodtalk
    • experiences include (past and present):
      • individual personalised dietetic practice (list closed and no longer taking individual private clients)
      • industry communications and advice (food industry, health industry, restaurants, boarding schools, aged care, childcare, pharmaceutical sector, IT and app development)
      • research officer and lead dietitian for international weight loss intervention trial (former)
      • invited presenter for surgeons, doctors, dietitians, teachers, the greater public
      • employer of support staff and dietitians
      • author and publisher of nutrition resources
      • consultant dietitian at Wesley Hospital (former)
  • Foundation medical dietetic experience gained across 10 years at major teaching hospitals in Australia: Princess Alexandra, Royal Canberra, Mater Adults and Children, Wesley, Repatriation General, Mt Olivett
  • Academic teaching and research in nutrition at Queensland University of Technology