Experienced in weight management

Since 1994, I have helped thousands of people achieve their personal healthy and happy weight.

Weight management, both weight loss and preventing regain, is my field of interest and area expertise.

My real world experience showed me that one approach doesn't suit all people.

My experience includes personalised food, lifestyle and behavioural approaches, use of meal replacements, support with weight loss medications, and addition of weight loss surgery.

I see and value a role for all levels and styles of intervention when they are delivered correctly and underpinned by sound nutrition support.

Weight management goes far beyond the scales.

Weight management is not about reaching a 'perfect' body weight or 'ideal' Body Mass Index. It is not really about the final numbers on the scale either.

I know from my clients' experiences that improved eating and modest weight loss make a huge difference to many other aspects of a person ... health, movement, fertility, confidence, pain reduction ... and much more. Learn to better manage mind hunger and thoughts around food and your body will lighten the load (not necessarily on the scales but in other ways such as emotions and mind space).

The researchers and bloggers can argue all they want about which approach is best: low carb, low fat, high fat, high protein, intermittent fasting, high fibre, macro ratio, or low glycemic index.

You have to ask: best for who?

Research results report averages (means), the best fit for most people studied. But what if you are not average and do not fit the 'norm'? What does weight loss research mean for you? You are an outlier, an under-responder who responds much better to a different approach than what was reported.

Researchers and bloggers are at loggerheads and will never agree while they don't accept and explore people who fall outside the 'norm' of their results and theories.

A weight loss dietary approach that works for your neighbour may not work for you. An approach studied in the United States may not suit the genetics of a person from another nation. An approach successful with 20-somethings may not be successful for 40-somethings, let alone 50-somethings. An approach for men may not work for women. And vice versa. Weight loss research is complex.

What will work best for you is a plan that is flexible enough to adapt to what you already know about your body, your experiences.

There is no single diet or dietary approach for weight loss for everybody.