Meal replacements for weight loss

Two key meal replacement categories exist in Australia.

  • Very Low Energy Diets or Very Low Calorie Diets (VLED or VLCD)
  • Formulated Meal Replacements (FMR)

I know that there is no single one-size fits all when it comes to weight loss.

We are all so very different.

What suited you in your 20s may not suit you this year. What suits you may not suit your partner, neighbour or friend.

When used correctly, meal replacements prove very valuable and useful for some people.

It is important that you understand the differences between product categories; the differences between VLED and FMR.

FMR are consumed twice a day. You prepare and provide the main meal of the day using strict dietary guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

VLED are consumed three times a day in the initial stages. In addition, you can eat a modest amount of low carbohydrate vegetables, perhaps a dribble of oil (depending on the brand of VLED used), and a small amount of lean (no obvious fat) protein if you are seriously overweight.

It is essential that you know how to use the products to get the best results.

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