Dental implants: not really surgery, I know!

Would you use a dental device to help you lose weight? A device by Scientific Intake is still being tested to prove it’s value – a concept device has been around since at least 2004. The device is placed on the roof of the mouth. It makes the capacity of your mouth smaller so you take smaller bites. Essentially it is a speed limiter for the mouth.

Early research results suggest that the more often people wear their device, the more weight they lose.

It is tailored to fit into the mouth just like a denture is and you put it in at meal times.

And there-in lies a major problem!

You get to choose whether you want it in or out and chances are that you’ll leave it out more often than not because:

  • it stops you speaking normally
  • you don’t enjoy food because you can't taste it very well.

Although the device is already available, its success and value has not been fully proven yet so I wouldn’t rush out and buy one, but it is interesting to see what researchers are checking out.