Hydration and drink tips for a better body

Water is important but what other drinks are good for hydration?

  1. Choose water, plain soda water or unflavoured mineral water as your first drink.
  2. Brew a good tea or filtered coffee. Add a dash of milk.
  3. Wait until the very end of your solid meal before starting on drinks. This way you have to chew your food to swallow it rather than take the lazy way out of flushing food down.
  4. Choose low joule, low cal drinks if sweet is your choice.
  5. Look for soda water with pure lime or lemon flavour rather than added sugar.
  6. Downsize to the smallest possible cup or container when you have juice.
  7. Switch to vegetable or tomato juice at the juice bar.
  8. Blend whole fruits (minus inedible skin) or add extracted pulp back into your fruit juice.