10 easy ways to boost energy levels

Your body deserves TLC.

Enough water and high quality food. A good mix of exercise (both mental and physical), rest and sleep.

Improve these and your energy levels will improve as well. It doesn’t take long to feel the benefits.

1. Consume enough food. Not too much, not too little. Too little and you run the risk of depleting instant energy reserves (glycogen) and essential nutrients that prevent anaemias. Too much and you’ll keep hitting the heavy sleepy dullness that comes after a heavy meal.

2. Look at the quality of what you consume. The energy release pathways in your body’s cells need key nutrients to function properly. Your body deserves and needs a variety of nourishing foods.

3. Drink enough water for hydration. Your brain is 77 - 78% water. Under-hydrate it and your concentration falters. Your hand-eye coordination also falters.

4. Look at when you eat and drink. A depleted body will lack instant energy reserves. An over-hungry person often makes rash impulsive false fix choices (sugary hits). The temporary boost delivered by high sugar foods is followed by an energy dive.

5. Be careful with caffeine. A little may be fine but too much may trigger anxiety and disrupt sleep.

6. Value good sleep. Sleep resets the brain and body.

7. Manage blood glucose levels. With undiagnosed or uncontrolled diabetes, blood sugar levels run high. You will feel tired. You will also urinate more, further disturbing sleep.

8. Find an exercise level that’s right for you. Not too much, not too little. Ideally get outside with nature to get into a better mood.

9. Get fresh air. Stuffy air-conditioned spaces and stuffy closed rooms add to drowsiness. Stale air makes for a stale de-energised you.

10. See your doctor for a full check-up if the points above don’t help your energy levels within a few weeks. Some health concerns that leave you tired and sapped of energy are related to food, nutrition and hydration. Others need medical attention.

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