this=that: a life-size photo guide to food serves

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Making your life easy. With more than 400 life-size photos, this is a huge book! Portion control made easy.

meats intro page this=thatsee how food serves comparerecognise these foods?

alcohol includedenergy equalsfind out about flavours that add to your health

this=that book

this=that contains 400 life-size photos of food and drinks all shown as energy-equals

real foods photographed at correct serve size

actual and real sized photos show how much to eat and how different foods compare

how to use this=that book

quickly and easily see the differences in serve size for the same energy value


Want a no-fuss approach to eating well for a better body and health?

Tired of counting calories, fat, carbs?

Frustrated by jumping from one diet to the next?.

Want to eat a great variety of foods rather than from a limited strict list?

Want a flexible approach to eating that suits you and your lifestyle?

It's here and I promise you won't be disappointed.

Easy. The beauty of the book is that the photos tell the whole story.

Quick. With the help of real life-size food photos, you quickly see which foods to have more or less of for better health and body shape. This is portion control at its very best.

Flexible. The 'portion control' in 'this=that' puts you in the control seat. You choose what you want to eat and drink and you match this against the photographic serves shown. It is not rigid, inflexible portion control over what and how much you eat. You have flexibility and variety that makes healthier eating do-able for life.

No complex maths. You don't have to do any complicated maths or calculations to see how much to eat for a healthier happier you.

Photos show how. This is the best photographic visual portion guide you will ever find.

More than 400 life-size food and drink photos show serve sizes as "energy equals".

Just look at pictures to quickly see how different foods compare for the same kilojoule/calorie (kJ/cal) content.

You'll also find out how many serves to eat each day to reach your goals.

NO calorie counting. Never count calories ever again with this clever photographic visual portion guide.

no fuss

no complicated maths

no calorie counting

flexible eating

choose foods that suit your hunger, needs and desires

see how much to serve

award winning

innovation award for creativity, usability, versatility and originality

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