What others say is a secret. Sorry about that.

You won't find testimonials of client successes here because I am not allowed to show any. That's the law.

The Code of Conduct from the Dietitians Association of Australia and the ACCC guidelines prevent all qualified health professionals from using testimonials or comments provided by clients. That's why I can't tell you what others are saying. Although I am no longer a member of the Association, I have not sought testimonials. I believe word of mouth from your friends and your own dietitian and other health professionals is proof enough.

If you Google my name, search forums and read local blogs, you will find feedback about my books and my expertise.

If you go to the Media and Events Room  on this site you will see I am invited to present at conferences, symposium, and on radio and other media outlets.

You'll find my facebook page here at foodtalkbites. I hope to see a like or follow from you over there.

If you are on facebook, have a blog or are on twitter and share the news about my books, I'd love to see any review or comments you post.

A note about unethical behaviour in the diet and nutrition industry.

Be wary the minute you visit someone's website or read advertisements that feature 'success' stories or claims for their own diet products linked with client/customer names and before and after shots.

It is likely that the people and companies promoting these 'success' claims on their own websites and in advertisements are not professionally qualified in nutrition and health. Worse still, perhaps they have a dodgy certificate in nutrition and falsely believe they are truly qualified to help you.

Some companies employ dietitians behind the scenes, which is reassuring for you so it is best to confirm this before you part with your money. Unfortunately, some dietitians even cherry pick the evidence to tow the company line so be very careful.

If there is no ethical health professional involved, you may be lucky to just part with money at the hands of these spruikers but, at the unlucky end of the spectrum, you may end up in dire ill-health due to poor advice and/or poor product.