bushfires nsw Nov 2019

They say an image is worth a 1000 words but I am not a photographer!

In the heat of the bushfire, I attempted to take some photos with my mobile phone. They are not great but they show the ferocious nature of the event that surrounded our home in under one minute.

Days later, I took more photos. No excuses for the quality now. I have to admit my lack of camera skills. Lucky I have a great photographer who does all the images for my books!

Looking NW on the afternoon of the bushfire

Before the bushfire. An eerie golden sky filled with smoke from bushfires many kilometers to the west. This was a few hours before the bushfires reached us.

We are 100% off-grid and the solar system survived to power garage lights near the dedicated fire tank. The lights made it easier to see when re-filling the fire truck and trailer with water to continue fighting.

The hillside remained blazing for days.

The hills are alight. The heat intense.
Bushfire surrounds us entirely

It was dark. I was tired. Enough with excuses for poor photos.

Taken towards the end of the evening looking north east from our home. The bushfire totally surrounded us within a minute of the first embers spotting a grass fire.

Close to our house is the 'fishing shack' now with a burnt backside. Persistent work with powerful hoses protected it from destruction. Radiant heat melted the full water tank and flames cooked the cement mixer's motor.

Shed protecte from total destruction
Our shed totally destroyed by bushfire

Our main storage shed and tractor implements were totally destroyed by the bushfire. They are about 400 meters away from the house and there was no chance for anyone to leave the bushfire surrounding the house area.

We were fortunate. The volunteers with the RFS arrived just as the fire landed in front of our house. Their timing was amazing for us.

Others lost loved ones and their homes in bushfires across Australia.

Now for a smile.

A very hungry Rock Wallaby with baby in pouch arrived a few days after the bushfire looking for food. She quickly took a slice of wholemeal bread. More kangaroos and wallaroos returned to the cleared area around the house. Green pick had started to appear where water had run off during fire fighting. Echidnas started wandering about digging up the ground almost a week later.

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