consulting service

I deliver high quality nutrition and dietetic consultancy services under my business operations @ foodtalk. To do this, I ask that you have realistic time lines for your projects. 

I do not engage sub-contractors when I work with you. I sign off my projects as Trudy Williams because I do the work.

As an Australian qualified health professional, I am not permitted by law to feature endorsements or testimonials from clients about their success on my website or in publications.

am I your dietitian?

@ foodtalk, I provide information to compliment and increase your health knowledge.

Sometimes the information will even challenge the advice you have already received personally from your health practitioner.

The content @ foodtalk (the books and other resources) is based on science, evidence and experience. It does not, however, intend to pass as personalised advice for you.

It is up to you to cross-check information with your own consultants.

Unless you and I have made direct contact and have an agreed consulting arrangement, I am not your dietitian just yet.