Overweight & underweight kids



children come in different shapes and sizes

You'd think that it would be easy to tell whether a child is a healthy weight just by looking, wouldn't you?

Not so!

Parents are too close to get it right.

It is really hard for parents to judge whether their child is a healthy weight or not.

More than 2 in 3 mums of an overweight child can't tell that their child is overweight. The studies on a dad's ability to judge their child's weight haven't been done. To be cautious I'm going to say 'sorry Dad ... at this stage, I can't trust your eye either'.

It is also easy to misjudge and say a child is underweight. Just because a kid looks skinny doesn’t mean the child is unhealthy. Skinny kids may actually be a healthy weight and size but teachers and parents are used to seeing kids with a little more meat on them.

Even health professionals can't tell just by looking.

They need to measure a child's height and weight. They'll plot the measurements on a growth chart and look back to see what has been happening to the child's growth pattern.

Ask a dietitian, school health nurse or your local medical doctor to check your child's height and weight. Let them be the best judge.

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