How to pack a healthy litter-free lunch box - the video transcript

It's easier to see what to pack into lunch box to make it litter-free and healthy. The short video on the previous page shows you some practical ideas for rubbish-free foods that are good for you and the kids.

Transcript of the video follows (for those who find Trudy's speech pace a little fast!)

Hi. I’m Trudy Williams & I’m going to show you how to pack a lunch box that is wrapper-free and litter-free.

Litter-free foods are usually healthier for you and the kids.

The idea is to pack in re-usable containers. Don’t use throw-away plastic wrappers & foil.

First up, choose some colourful washed vegetables - cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, raw green beans, raw asparagus spears, clean mushrooms, broccoli tips The range is endless.

Find something in an edible wrap like stuffed vine leaves, rice paper wrap parcels, or sushi

Add a solid vegetable like cooked corn and jacket potato.

Then add a protein power-house – boiled eggs … chicken leg

Fresh fruits are obvious for lunch – something bounce-proof is great if it’s not going inside the box.

Bundle up dried fruits in little tubs ready to add to the box.

And naturally a sandwich adds an energy boost.

Seal it all well.

Include a frozen water bottle or an ice brick to keep the foods fresh and most importantly safe.

Pack a litter-free lunch box at least once a month. Get into the habit and aim to do it every week.

For more ideas on healthy food and what to pack for a litter-free lunch, visit my website

Please note, it is really, really important to keep lunch boxes cold and chilled to avoid your child getting food poisoning. Do not pack perishable items such as sushi and cold meats or rice if the lunch box can't be kept cool with a frozen water and good ice-brick inside a cooler bag. Use a thermos if you want to pack hot foods and soups. Be safe. Healthy food is not only nourishing, but safe!

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