Chocolate Easter Bunny Nutrition Poster

How much exercise to burn off chocolate easter eggs?

With chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns lining up in the shops and silently beckoning 'eat me, eat me', they're hard to resist but I urge you to hold back until Easter arrives otherwise you are in for an unpleasant surprise.

exercise time to burn off chocolate easter egg


Over-indulge in the lead up to Easter and you will gain weight if you don't prune back on other foods.

Think it will be easy to burn off the chocolate with a little more exercise?

I've done the maths and worked out how far you will need to run to burn off the chocolate.

How far to run to burn off chocolate calroies?

The exercise trade-off works out to be roughly 740 metres for every 10 grams of chocolate. This doesn't sound too bad but 10 grams of chocolate is not a lot. A small hollow egg that loosely fits in an egg cup weighs close to 18 grams. The pink and gold bunny weighs in at 100 grams. The grams add up quickly so the trade-off run gets longer and longer.


Okay, hop to it and get cracking. The challenge is on. The choice is yours. Will you work out harder or delay the Easter feast?

My tip?

Trading food for exercise is not an easy move and something I don't encourage. It's too easy to make trading mistakes by over-estimating how much exercise you actually do and under-estimating how much exercise you need to do.

Much better is it to look forward to these delights on Easter, not before and not after. In your mind, keep them as a special fun foods to enjoy with pleasure on Easter Day. Easter buns for breakfast with chocolate eggs to follow!

One day of pleasure is less likely to cause you grief than weeks of indulgence coupled with failed exercise trading.

For parents, step parents and grandparents, talk with each other to work out a few non-food Easter goodies for the kids. Let the bunny bring a chocolate egg parcel or set up an Easter Egg hunt. Between you all, decide what other fun and non-food presents will arrive at Easter. Perhaps the Australian Easter Bilby delivers the non-food goodies to the dining table?

What could the Bilby bring? Think simple outdoor physical fun (e.g. balls, swimming goggles, hula hoop, racquet, thrower, frisbie, new bike helmet ... ) or a gift voucher only redeemable at non-food outlets (e.g. music download, kindle book, boutique, sporting equipment shop).

The calories and kilojoules in Easter foods add up quickly just like rabbits breed.

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