Small investment to get your band working better for you.

The Pocket Gastric Band Guide

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Discover how to get your Gastric Band working better. Whether you have a new band or one that's been in for years, this pocket guide is for you.

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Smart practical tips and advice after weight loss surgery.

This compact pocket-sized book addresses the most common questions asked by 'bandsters' (people with a lapband, adjustable gastric band). It is:

  • the go-to guide when you need to understand your band a little better
  • helps you get back on track when things are not going too well
  • explains some of the odd sensations and reactions you now notice
  • helps you work out when to have a band adjustment
  • shows that you are not alone in tackling some of the thoughts and problems to do with bands

The Pocket Gastric Band Guide blends tips and practical smart advice with quotes from fellow 'bandsters'. It covers the gastric band only. The gastric band is also called adjustable gastric band, gastric band and lap band. The Pocket Gastric Band Guide is clear because it does not discuss other types of weight loss and metabolic surgeries.

Still not sure if this book is for you? Read more here.

Title: The Pocket Gastric Band Guide
Author: Trudy Williams
ISBN: 0975158821
Type: soft cover
Number of pages:


Size: 105 x 150 mm (4 x 6 in)
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