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SECONDS. This is the last of my stock. The 'seconds' have obvious marked covers. The price includes postage within Australia: essentially a give-away price that covers packaging and postage costs! I'd rather you benefit from the book than it be wasted in a recycling bin. See how much to serve with life-size photos. A quick and easy way to see what and how much to serve for the best results and health.

This book solves your nutrition puzzles.

They say you can't judge a book by its cover and that is true of my remaining stock. The last of my 'seconds' have marks (scratches, dents, or production glitches such as smudges or over-glue) on the covers but the inside pages are perfect.

Want a no-fuss, quick approach to great nutrition and eating well for a healthier and happier body?

Want to stop counting calories and get off the diet treadmill, lose weight and keep it off?

Confused about what your body needs? Both what and how much?

You've found the solution here in this=that: a life-size photo guide to food serves.

Get this book and I promise you will still have a fantastic book to guide your food and drink choices.

Real life-size photos show how much to eat and drink for better health and body shape.

  • flip through more than 400 life-size (actual size) colour photos of food and drink shown as 'energy equals"
  • just look at the photos to compare serve sizes based on the same energy value
  • find out how many serves to have to help reach your goals
  • choose the foods you want, when you want with flexible weekly or daily targets
  • no more tedious calorie counting
  • very easy to use

With the help of real life-size food photos, you will quickly see which foods to have more or less of for better health and body shape.

This book is huge with 260 pages. It is about 225 mm x 310 mm in size and weighs close to 1.7 kg.

Award-winning. Real foods without packaging or branding. The images in this book are timeless.

You will join thousands of people across Australia and around the world who successfully use "this=that" to not only lose weight but keep it off long-term.

The life-size images make it so very easy to use. In a flash you will see how much to serve and how different foods compare for portion control. You will quickly spot how to make simple changes to improve your energy levels, health and body weight.

"this=that" is used by loads of people. You'll find it in households across the world as well as in doctors' and dietitians' practices, at dentists, in personal trainers' kit bags, with diabetes educators, at gyms, and even with private weight watching clubs and other businesses.

There are more than 400 life-size food and drink photos between the covers.

Listed below are just a few to give you an idea of the wide range of photos included.

  • You'll find popular everyday items such as fresh salmon, chicken breast and tenderloins, steak, breads, rices, noodles, wrap breads, vegetables, 'light' salad plate and bowl, juices, dried fruits, tortilla, eggs, quiche, frittata, lasagne sheets, mini pikelets, pasta salad, dark chocolate, and red wine ... the list keeps going on and on. 
  • And you'll find interesting ingredients and foods such as sesame seed bars, nut snack bars, ricotta cheese, sports drink, mulberries, red papaya, turkey breast steaks, tangelo, wild rice, and even smoked salmon.

The photos clearly show serve sizes for people aged 14 and upwards. Simply place your food on the photos to reveal any differences in serve size.

Everyday foods. Your choice. Your health.

Featured on TV, in magazines and newspapers.

The author Trudy Williams won the President's Award for Innovation for this book with the 1st edition of this book in 2005. It has stood the test of time since then and has many updates.

The latest edition for 2018 (printed late 2017) is hard cover and contains many more foods and drinks than the first edition.

The book is weighty and when packed weighs close to 1.7 kg.

This unique book will help you:

  • take the guess work out of serve sizes with life-size photos
  • see that your serves are the best for good health
  • choose foods to fill you, not fatten you
  • improve your food choices for better health
  • compare foods quickly just by looking at photos
  • discover which foods to have more of
  • recognise how easy it is to eat well with real, everyday food, not 'diet' food
  • have flexible portion control rather than rigid dietary restriction
  • break through the weight loss plateau

Foods are not linked to brand names so the book is suitable for use internationally. Almost 500 foods and drinks are featured - more than 400 are shown as life-size images.

  • Includes recommended number of serves for adults and children aged 14 or more
  • For those with an eye for detail, the comprehensive index of foods and drinks shows nutrient compositions. Protein, fat, carbohydrate, kilojoules, calories, and alcohol contents for each photo-serve are shown. All the detail that carb, fat and protein counting enthusiasts want.
  • Includes a section that helps you to estimate your daily energy needs.
Author: Trudy Williams
Title: this=that: a life-size photo guide to food serves
ISBN: 9780975158852 (hardcover)
Type: hard cover
Size: 316 x 231 mm (about 12 x 9 in)
Page count: 260
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