want to get back into shape and stay that way?

Fed up with constant on again, off again dieting?

Not sure how much to eat and drink?

Want to know how to have a more flexible, guilt-free eating style and still stay in shape?

Want to know the truth about serve sizes and portion control?

Annoyed and frustrated at the conflicting advice from so-called experts?


You can turn all that around. Now you can ditch the rigid diet approaches that ban entire food groups or types.

No matter what your current size and weight is, I can help you get into and stay a happier healthier shape. No fads, no gimmicks.

I am a qualified, award-winning nutritionist and dietitian with more than 35-years real-world experience helping 1000s of people.

Whether you want to lose weight or prevent weight regain, you will find information and books here to help you ...

  • check your food portions,
  • get back into better condition,
  • lose weight,
  • keep in shape, and
  • feel healthier on the inside and happier outside.

You have the choice to have some of this and some of that. No foods are banned. The choice is in your hands.

There are also books and guides here that cover diet and nutrition for weight loss surgery, specifically the gastric sleeve diet plan (before and after surgery) and the gastric band diet.


these are the books to help you ...

See how much to serve

Kids' nutrition made easy

Great value for great results

 One of everything + a bonus

Make your band work better

Work out your protein intake

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these tips will help you this month ...

halloween gifts that are not sugar feasts

What is the best way to manage sugar overload this Halloween for both you and the little monsters?

why should you slow down the pace?
Why speed eating is bad for your health.

Easy swaps to lose weight
Easy Food Swaps & Portions
do you need a vitamin supplement?

Too much of a good thing. When vitamins turn bad ...

how to ease up on alcohol: enjoy a little

Alcohol: 26 Tips to Stay in Control of Your Favourite Drop

party entertaining ideas

14 easy ideas for party and festive entertaining to keep you in a good mood and your body in shape

it is never too early to think about festive foods

See how to avoid weight gain in the lead up to Christmas with this free quick photographic guide. Click the candy cane image to download a free pdf.

All i want for ... happy whenever

Tired of having your healthy eating plans bowled over by gifts of food and wine from loved-ones and others?

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it is perfectly okay not to eat perfectly

It is perfectly okay to eat more one day and less the next. It is actually very normal.

It is perfectly okay to balance your food choices over a week and not lock into or worry about daily targets.

It is perfectly okay to save up red-extras (you might call them forbidden foods but I don’t) for a feast.

Extreme food restriction and dieting will trip you up, each and every time ...

perfection demands obsession

Trudy Williams, the gal behind foodtalk
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