Stay on track to be fitter, healthier and more resilient. Good food and nutrition do make a big difference to how you feel and cope.

Feel like you ate and drank too much yesterday? You are definitely not alone. Did you gobble all the lock down comfort foods faster than expected? You are not the only one! Covid is a massive external stressor that drives excessive eating and drinking, and weight gain. But there are many more everyday stresses that were present before covid! Rather than dwell over the excesses of previous meals and drinks, look ahead. Today is a fresh day. Right now, today, is the time to shift the pace of eating back to get you on track to be fitter, healthier and more resilient to feel fantastic for the rest of the year and beyond. I want to help you create lasting change with practical food and nutrition tips through my books and this website. Order your book early to be confident that you will have the best guide in your hand. There's no point waiting until tomorrow.

these tips will get your started ...

What can you do to avoid chocolate overload this Easter? 
plant based sausages review

Are plant-based sausages safe and good for you?

How much milk powder is needed to make liquid milk?

Free chart takes the frustration out of making milk with milk powder.

Easy swaps to lose weight
Easy Food Swaps & Portions
Intense sweeteners versus sugar

Here is what I worked out ...

Weekend getaways or farther afield

Top tips for your driving getaway

want to get back into shape and stay that way?

Fed up with constant on again, off again dieting?

Not sure how much to eat and drink?

Want to know how to have a more flexible, guilt-free eating style and still stay in shape?

Want to know the truth about serve sizes and portion control?

Annoyed and frustrated at the conflicting advice from so-called experts?

You can turn all that around. Now you can ditch the rigid diet approaches that ban entire food groups or types.

No matter what your current size and weight is, I want to help you get into happier healthier shape and stay that way. No fads, no gimmicks.

I am a qualified, award-winning nutritionist and dietitian with more than 35-years real-world experience helping 1000s of people.

Whether you want to lose weight or prevent weight regain, you will find information and books here to help you ...

  • check your food portions,
  • get back into better condition,
  • lose weight,
  • keep in shape, and
  • feel healthier on the inside and happier outside.

You have the choice to have some of this and some of that. No foods are banned. The choice is in your hands.

There are also books and guides here that cover diet and nutrition for weight loss surgery, specifically the gastric sleeve diet plan (before and after surgery) and the gastric band diet.

these are the books to help you ...

See how much to serve with life-size photos. A quick and easy way to see what and how much to serve for the best results and health.

Worried about your child's nutrition? Actual real life-sized photos show you how much your child needs to grow a healthy body. "Every parent needs a copy of this book".

Grab a bargain on this title. The covers are slightly marked or imperfect. Limited number available. No perfect copies are available.
Work out your protein intake with this folded A3 chart. Backside lists protein content of popular foods and drinks.
One of every item. Perfect for nutrition and health clinics, medical practices and students.

Discover how to get your Gastric Band working better. Whether you have a new band or one that's been in for years, this pocket guide is for you.

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I can help you to keep your own good health a high priority

I am here for you during this time and want to answer your food and nutrition questions. If there's something I can help you out with, ask me over at my FaceBook page. Tell me what you are doing to add to your health during these crazy covid times and what you are struggling with. I will do my best to reply, privately if you prefer.

More than ever, it is time to look after yourself. Eat to care for your body and brain. Stay active physically and mentally. Sleep soundly. Keep up good lifestyle routines even when the travel, work and recreational restrictions ease.

Without good health, you can not help others.

Stay safe and find optimism emerging during the disruptions and restrictions. The skies are less polluted. The humdrum pattern of life now has a different flow. Find your own rhythm amongst the mayhem. Find and focus on positives wherever you can.

If you are at home, you now have a rare opportunity to shape your own day to build in eating zones that suit your hunger, to work when your mind is most productive, to sleep and wake up naturally with your body clock, and to break up your day with play and physical activity. Stress eating, comfort eating and drinking to relieve pressures are all real and may have peaked during the lock-down. For some starting tips to break the stress-comfort-food-relief cycles check this out.

And hopefully you have more time to prepare meals at home from basic essential ingredients, which will leave you feeling healthy. Home cooking from basic ingredients is a win-win situation: you will spend less money on food when you cook at home plus people who prepare and eat home-cooked meals are healthier. To save time and boost nutrition, check out these 8 easy tips.

This virus has not gone away and you need to stay super aware, maintain social distancing, and be incredibly hygienic with hand washing in line with health authorities guidelines. Wear a well fitted mask as directed by health authorities but, remember, a mask does not replace good hygiene, social distancing, isolation, quarantine and other health protecting requirements. Having good overall health appears to be very very important.











it is perfectly okay not to eat perfectly

It is perfectly okay to eat more one day and less the next. It is actually very normal.

It is perfectly okay to balance your food choices over a week and not lock into or worry about daily targets.

It is perfectly okay to save up red-extras (you might call them forbidden foods but I don’t) for a feast.

Extreme food restriction and dieting will trip you up, each and every time ...

perfection demands obsession

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