this=that child size: a life-size photo guide to kids' food serves

From fairy floss to figs, biscuits to broccoli, soft drinks to sushi, you will find an amazing spread of foods and drinks, more than 340 life-size food and drink photos!

take the stress out of feeding the kids well

suits 4 to 13 yr olds

introduce your child to new foods, teach food names, explore food choice

learn to never diet your child

become confident

quickly see how much food your child needs for good nutrition

more than 340 photos of actual size food serves

award winning

Silver medal winner in Best Specific Nutrition Book category, Food Media Australia

All foods and drinks have been portion measured and photographed to suit children's needs. Nutrition for kids from 4 to 13 years.

Because the serves are the right size for children, they are quite different to photos shown in the adult's (green cover) version.

This is not a scaled down version of the adult photos!

Learn how to be a smart, wise parent who confidently offers a choice between nourishing foods and who lets nature drive hunger.

Use this book to introduce children to new foods, teach food names, and explore food choice.

It is not for dieting your child. That's something you shouldn't do.

I am sure you want the best for your child. This book delivers.

You wouldn't dream of denying your child the best starts in life you can offer. The best starts include providing food and drinks that nourish. I am not talking about luxury items, pre-packed expensive super foods. I am talking about real foods that deliver excellent nutrition for growing bodies and inquisitive minds.

Shower your child with with TLC. Don't spoil the kids by giving in to kids' demands (food or other stuff) or letting them dictate what's in the shopping trolley and menu (or wardrobe).

this=that child size is a timeless book that delivers tried and tested information about food and nutrition for kids.

Formal details: Trudy Williams, author. First published 2010. Soft Cover. In stock.

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