See exactly how much to eat. No heavy reading!

An easy and flexible way to see and choose what to eat. Real photos in actual serve sizes show how different foods compare.

For adults and teens down to 14 years

Give the kids a great nutrition start in life.

See what and how much little kids need to meet their nutrition needs. Takes the pressure out of feeding kids well.

For ages 4 to 13 years.

Before and after your sleeve gastrectomy. The diet book.

Before and after gastric sleeve surgery, Prepare for surgery. Reap the benefits of surgery.

Look after yourself life-long.

Solve your gastric band's problems.

If your results are disappointing or the band is causing problems or not working, read this guide before you consider further surgery or band removal.

Work out how your protein intake is shaping up.

A double-sided chart that allows you to work out your protein intake of common Australian foods and drinks.

Wouldn't you like to know!

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these are the BOOKS and tools

... to help you feel great, get healthier and stay healthy in better shape

    • Time saving and effortless.
    • Easy to read even though they are based on scientific evidence.
    • No mumbo-jumbo because I have sifted through the scientific studies and reports for you.
    • Also used by dietitians, nutritionists, doctors, surgeons, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, psychologists, hypnotherapists, nutrition coaches, lecturers, nurses, naturopaths, and teachers from around the world to help their audiences and clients.