16 lunchbox ideas for cooler winter days

Tired of the same old sandwich? Chasing something that's still easy but warmer for lunch or maybe that late night at the office? still want to keep your body in great shape?

Well, here are 16 easy ideas to get you started.

  1. Master microwave scrambled eggs for a fast and filling lunch. Take chopped mushrooms and frozen spinach (drain away excess liquid once it has defrosted) to add when cooking for a vegetable bonus. 
  2. Warm a small can of baked beans, spaghetti or creamed corn. Serve with a dinner roll or toast.
  3. Take a thermos full of hot home-made vegetable and grain soup (pumpkin, minestrone, barley broth and green vegetable). Serve with a crusty breadroll or flatbread.
  4. Stock up your workplace freezer with single serves of homemade leftovers (curries, casseroles, stews) and bags of frozen vegetables ready to zap in the microwave.
  5. Toast bread, crumpets or english muffins. Top with cheese and leftover vegetables.
  6. Microwave a cob of corn. Sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs and a dollop of natural yoghurt (take the herb-yoghurt combo in a small tub).
  7. Microwave a jacket potato and fill with lentils, baked beans, or Moroccan inspired chickpeas. Top with lettuce and tomato. Add a your favourite sauce.
  8. Wrap a burrito, flat bread or lebanese bread round a piping hot Mexican bean mix. Stuff with extra lettuce and tomato. Garnish with low fat plain yoghurt (instead of sour cream) if desired.
  9. Use the toaster press to make hot quesadillas - basically a flat bread, tortilla or savoury pancake wrapped into a parcel around your favourite fillings of tomato, avocado, cheese, lean deli-meat filled and then toasted flat between inside the toaster press.
  10. Create a quick mini-pizza. Top an english muffin or crumpet or pita bread with tomato paste or pizza sauce, a couple of slices of mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, onion, capsicum, olives, and some shredded prawns or lean ham. Grill until the cheese has melted and topping has warmed through.
  11. Eat breakfast at lunch! A portion cereal pack served with warmed low fat milk or a sachet of instant porridge cooked fresh to go.
  12. Warm a small can of sardines (packed spring water or tomato sauce). Serve over toast with thin tomato slices and baby spinach or rocket leaves.
  13. Reheat leftover frittata or zucchini slice in the microwave. Pre-bake a batch in a 12-hole muffin pan so you have single serves ready to freeze and defrost.
  14. Make extra lentil curry or dhal for dinner with the plan to save leftovers for lunch.
  15. Make a big batch of savoury scone scrolls on your day off. Set some aside to reheat for lunch on another day.
  16. Stuff hot lentil or chickpea rissoles (felafel) into a pita pocket bread with home made hummous, lettuce and tomato.