The ReShape Gastric Vest: Weight loss surgery

Due to start clinical trials in 2019 is a new medical device that wraps around the stomach to limit how far the stomach wall stretches. It seems that this device is a volume limiter. I imagine it will not alter nutrient absorption and gastric emptying rates, and success with level of weight loss will hinge on the quality of foods and drinks consumed. The clinical trials will reveal more and it is not available commercially.

I think of this device as a shell or exoskeleton for the stomach. It appears similar in principle to non-stretch stabilising devices that wrap around limbs after knee, ankle and wrist injuries to stop the joints moving.

In the mean time, the main weight loss surgery techniques I am experienced with are:
- gastric sleeves
- adjustable gastric bands (lapband) either alone or placed over sleeves
- gastric bypass surgery (RYGB), 
- biliopancreatic bypass surgery (BPD), and
- gastric balloon (not really surgery because it is a day procedure and only temporary).