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simple swaps to lose weight

See how to eat as much as before, sometimes more to lose weight and prevent weight regain.

Here are quick simple ways to make the switch to better health and weight loss without down-sizing your serves.

If you are struggling to lose weight, small changes across several foods will get you continued good results. And not a low joule, low calorie, sugar-free diet product in sight!

The secret is to be consistent. Switch and swap often to get the best results.

Check out each swap to discover how much difference small changes can make.

These simple swaps and tweaks to serves will also help prevent weight regain.

chips versus carrots and beans

switch the chips

Replace 6 hot potato chips with a bigger serve of steamed vegetables to avoid weight gain.

Switch the entire bucket of chips once a week to lose 2.5 kilograms each year.

Switch down to 6 chips plus the plate of vegetables. Do this once a week to lose 1.5 kilograms each year.

fritatta is crustless quiche

peel away the pastry

The tiny slice of quiche equals the bigger serve of vegetable frittata when it comes to energy.

Replace quiche with an equal sized portion of vegetable frittata. Swap once a week and you stand to lose another two kilograms across the year.

Tip: Pastry is a big problem. Give the pastry a miss if frittata is not on the menu.

coleslaw salad portion size

give slaw the slip

Replace 1/2 cup dressed coleslaw with 2 cups of 'light' salad drizzled with a teaspoon of oil-vinegar dressing.

Do this twice a week to lose an extra kilogram each year.

Tip: Buy a bag of undressed slaw or leafy greens to create a lighter salad that gives you more to sink your teeth into.

chocolate biscuit or berries serve size

berry nice

If you usually eat a couple of choc-coated cream filled biscuits each work day but you make the switch to a cup of berries, five days a week, you stand to shed another easy 6 kg across the year.

fortune cookie to lose weight?

good fortune

Don't want a messy berry swap all the time? Do this instead. Replace the biscuit with a couple of fortune cookies to lose another kilogram of body fat.

Make the switch to a single fortune cookie, five days a week, and you stand to shed an easy 2.5 kg across the year.

dried fruit portion control

dried fruit sugar alert

Dried mango has added sugar. Replace 4 dried mango strips with 8 dried apricot halves.

Do this three times a week to trim off another 1.5 kg body fat in a year.

jelly beans versus popcorn portion size

sweet swaps

Replace 15 jelly beans with a bigger serve of 1 cup of sweet coloured popcorn.

Okay, not the healthiest foods in the world but make this simple sweet swap twice a week to shed close to another kilogram a year.

Mmm, how many lollies in a bag? Do the maths! You could lose a whole lot more.

portion control savoury foods

savoury snackers

Replace 5 small cheese cubes with 10 deli-style olives for a weight advantage.

Done twice a week equals another kilogram of body fat lost across the year.

Tip: Place olives on a kitchen towel to mop away excess oil or pickling fluid.

fried rice vs boiled rice


A take-away container of fried rice easily holds 2 cups. Make the switch away from fried rice to an equal amount of boiled rice. Do this once a week to strip almost 3 kilograms off your weight in a year.

Tip: Zap a smaller tub of brown rice in the microwave to improve your waistline further. An easy swap.

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The more often you make change, the easier it is to do.

If your weight is stable and you want to lose body fat, these swaps will deliver results.

If you want to put a brake on unhealthy weight gain, these swaps will deliver results without leaving you hungry.

You will find more easy diet swaps here @ foodtalk.

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