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"this=that" brings food serves to life with bright life-size images that clearly show how different foods and drinks compare

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Welcome to foodtalk.

Want to get healthy and feel fantastic? Then foodtalk will help you, no matter what your current size and weight is. I am here to help you get your body into a happier healthier shape in 2017 and keep that health into the future.

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Trudy Williams, foodtalk's founder, dietitian and nutritionist, has a special interest in weight reduction, so whether you have just a few kilos to lose or you have had lapband or gastric sleeve surgery for serious obesity, the information and books at foodtalk will help you lose weight, keep it off and get healthy. Life-size food and drink photos clearly show you how portion control and food serve sizes will work for you. Foodtalk makes nutrition easy!

Curious about serve sizes and portions for the best nutrition? Keen to get into the healthiest and happiest shape ever?

Well, you've landed in the right place.

Take a little time to dig deeper into FoodTalk's menu at the left. You'll find stacks of great information.

But if you're short on time, grab a copy of my book "this=that: a life-size photo guide to food serves" to use at home. It will really help you get into shape and stay that way. "this=that" is brimming with more than 400 life-size full colour photos of real foods and drinks that show true-to-life serve sizes.

Who wrote and created the book? I did. I am Trudy Williams, an award-winning Australian Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist with more than 35 years real-world practical experience.

To discover more about my book that shows you food choice, serve sizes, portion control, and how to lose weight and get healthy with pictures, click here. 

"this=that: a life-size photo guide to food serves" is the perfect tool to help you get healthy, lose weight and keep it off. "this=that" is here available directly from this site, today. There is no delay! Order your copy today and make your healthy eating plan for a healthier body shape and weight loss work.

More than 400 life-size full colour photos will surprise and help you adjust your serves to achieve great healthy eating and weight reduction. You will look at food in a totally new way.

Total flexibility! No more calorie counting. No rigid unworkable diet plan.

It allows you to make easy and informed choices about what you eat and drink. You will see how much to serve to break the dieting cycle and avoid the quest for portion control.

As seen on A Current Affair. The original book is also featured by TV Network 10 and the Dietitians Association of Australia's "healthy weight" web site and has been seen on TV Ch 9's Extra.

Today is a special day. Each day as it arrives becomes your special day so make the most of every one.

Rather than look back to dwell on the past and worry about what 'should have been done or could have been done', look at today and each fresh day as it arrives.

Sure it is important to take note of yesterday and learn from it, but it is also important to quickly move on.

Learn as today progresses and adjust what you do today. Focus on this very moment, right now, because it is the one you are in charge of! You can't change yesterday but you can influence this very moment. In turn, what you do today, right now influences the future. Do something different today, something out of the ordinary routine. Practice new approaches to how you live your life and work to build new habits, more fitting for a healthier you.

Want to know what's good and healthy to eat? Want to lose weight and keep it off? Whether it's about portion size, weight reduction, weight loss surgery (gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy), or just what to eat for overall great diet and the best of health, FoodTalk's on-line outlet (est 1993) is a great place to start. Included are selected nutrition, recipe, fitness and health guides used, recommended and published by Australian award winning dietitian and nutritionist Trudy Williams. 



Another award for Trudy Williams. Trudy's kid's nutrition book "this=that child size" won Silver and was Highly Commended at the Australian Food Media Awards 2010 in the category "Sydney Markets Award for Best Health or Specific Diet Book". The Australian Association of Food Professionals determined the awards and the ceremony was held in October 2010.

Children's nutrition - "this=that child size". With this book, parents can quickly and easily work out whether their child is having the right balance of food and drink for good nutrition and health. It takes the pressure off and stress out of selecting foods for children aged 4 to 13 years. For more specific tips and solutions for kid's nutrition, visit our other site.

Thinking about getting a gastric band? Trudy knows the gastric band and lapband inside out and understands weight loss – she's been working with the gastric band for more than 15 years since it arrived in Australia, and has helped 1000s of people who have had the surgery. The books and guides for gastric banding, which are created for you, deliver essential, specific and practical information about the gastric band and how it impacts on your food intake. Together with a band, they will help release you from the dieting roller coaster of calorie counting and label reading. In March 2012, the first digital ebook by Trudy launched for Gastric Banding at Amazon for Kindle (can also be read on your computer using free software from Kindle), at iBooks for Apple, and Barnes and Noble for Nook. It's "The Pocket Gastric Band Guide". If you're keen to get a headstart on information, then you can get a download-able copy instantly from those links. Be sure to come back here as well as join the mailing list to read more free information about gastric banding.

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