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enjoy festive foods without guilt

The countdown to Christmas and New Year is on. Celebrations spill over with silly season food and drink. And if you are normal, you will over-fill on festive foods, maybe with a sigh of regret and unwanted weight gain.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can totally enjoy festive foods without guilt or unwanted kilos.

Festive eating: eat up on Xmas Day

it is perfectly okay not to eat perfectly

It is perfectly okay to eat more one day and less the next. It is actually very normal.

It is perfectly okay to balance your food choices over a week and not lock into or worry about daily targets.

It is perfectly okay to save up red-extras (you might call them forbidden foods but I don’t) for a feast.

Extreme food restriction and dieting will trip you up, each and every time ...

perfection demands obsession

All i want for christmas is ...

Tired of having your healthy eating plans bowled over by gifts of food and wine from loved-ones and others?

Here is a free clever gift and wish list template for you to personalise. Add what you really want to receive and share it with everyone.

grab it today

Your friends and family will be relieved to finally know what you really want!

Don't delay. Tell them today.

wishing you a happy festive time

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